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Our Promise

FVHS Supervision Office strives to ensure campus safety by providing exceptional visibility and campus vigilance, followed by supportive services for all students who may have been referred to the Assistant Principal of Supervision.  

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A FVHS student parking permit is required to park in any FVHS student parking lot, including Senior lot, Valley Vista lot and the LDS church lot. Parking in any other lot is not permitted and will result in a parking ticket.


Student permits are sold on a first-come, first-served basis via the online application and only to students in good standing. Click the button above to access the permit application. You may pay by credit card at the end of the application or by cash or check during registration if available. Please note, the application must be completed prior to purchase. 

Parking permits are issued to specific parking lots. Vehicles parked in a lot outside of their designated area and those without a permit will be ticketed.


Click the Parking Button above for pricing info and to complete the application.

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PE & sports lockers are issued by the respective departments.


All other grade levels must request a book locker if desired.

Click the Lockers button above to request a locker.


Lockers are issued on a first-come, first-serve basis until no more lockers are available.

Please check the Demographics page of your Aeries account for your locker assignment.


Combination locks may be purchased during registration and throughout the school year as long as supplies last.


New locks are $10 and used locks are $5. You may also provide your own lock.


After Registration, all locks are sold only at the Supervision Window.  Cash or Check only.

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Lunch passes are available to Seniors and Juniors in good standing. A lunch pass allows those students with academic classes after lunch to leave campus during student lunch.

Click the Lunch Pass button above for more information and to request a lunch pass. A different student ID card will be issued upon approval.

Digital IDs will NOT be accepted to leave campus at lunch. A physical FVHS ID with lunch pass emblem is required.

School dances are an important part of high school life.  For more information about our dances, guidelines and guest contracts, click the button.

Barons care.  Learn more about our schoolwide incentive program aimed at nurturing and applauding student efforts to make our school a caring and supportive environment.


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