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Juniors and Seniors may apply for permission to leave campus during lunch. To be eligible, students must be in good standing at school.  The lunch pass permission form is available here (you must sign in with your student Gmail account). Parent consent is required. Lunch passes may be revoked for misuse or school violations.

Lunch pass ID's will be issued during August registration to students with a completed application on file prior to August 12, 2022, and who meet eligibility requirements.



Skateboard lockers are available for rent for the school year for $10.  A school-issued combination lock is included.

Please note, for safety reasons, students are not permitted to ride skateboards on the campus or parking lots of the school.



All students are expected to serve all detentions within five days of assignment.   All Life Skills Labs assigned are to be served within 30 days.  Students must serve all disciplinary consequences in order to be eligible for dances, parking permits and lunch pass privileges.



Students are issued an ID card at the beginning of each school year during registration in August.  New students are issued ID cards during registration or on the student's first day of school.  Students enrolling after the beginning of the school year will be issued their ID card through the Activities office.

Students are expected to carry their ID card for the current school year at all times while attending school and any school events.  Consequences may be issued to any student who does not have their ID.



Students must use a lock on all assigned lockers.  Combination locks are available for purchase at the Supervision window for $7. Students may use a lock that has been purchased elsewhere.  Please know that if we must gain access to a student's locker for any reason, the student is responsible for replacement costs to any non-school issued lock. We do not maintain a list of combinations for locks not purchased at FVHS.



Students are expected to dress appropriately for school. Anyone dressed inappropriately will be required to modify their appearance or change into clothing provided by the Supervision office for the remainder of the school day.  Chronic offenders will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the school discipline policy.  Click the pdf

symbol for our complete dress code




FVHS stirves to provide an academic environment that minimizes distractions.  Electronic devices are not to be used for interpersonal communication during classtime, unless under the direction of a teacher or other staff member.  Students may be allowed or eve encouraged to used their personal devices for education purposes under the direction of staff. Students who violate our electronic device policy are subject to having their device confiscated and returned only to their parent.


B4L   (Baron4Life)

B4L is a team building program aimed at encouraging students to make positive choices on and off campus.  Students  have opportunities to earn raffle entries in the 4 "Be" categories - Connected, Curious, Analytical, & Considerate.  Entries are dropped in the raffle bin located in the Supervision office.  Raffles are held throughout the school year.  Each winner chooses a $25 gift card from a list in the Supervision office.

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